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Dignified scattering of remains at sea

Burial at Sea
 - an act of bidding farewell
 - a leave taking
Click here to hear how it is pronounced

Sussex Voyages are a specialist in offering a professional standard for scattering of human ash remains at sea, regardless of religion or faith.

Many people have long links with Eastbourne and the surrounding area, from a lifetime of holidays to residents, the settings around Beachy Head make a serene and beautiful setting to say goodbye.   

Working with yourselves and / or your funeral director, our Valedictions ( farewells ) are private and we ensure your valediction is as you wish it to be.

Our vessel (being low to the water) makes it easy for you to place the urn on the water without the need to throw.

We recommend that burials are performed using “Royal Navy approved” biodegradable urns. These quickly sink beneath the surface ensuring a dignified moment.(And avoid remains blowing in the wind)

As we have offered this service since our company was formed, we are able to offer advice to ensure that in unique surroundings, family and friends can say their goodbyes before releasing the urn onto the surface of the water.


Burial at Sea
(1 ½ hours at sea)        £250.00

Your Valediction is unique to you, however as it is something families are often unfamiliar with, with our experience, please feel free call or email us as we are happy to offer advice.

Tel. 01293 888780   Email :