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Safety Boat Services for coast & rivers

Safety Boat
We offer complete, commercial packages that are idea for :

General Public Seaside Events.
When you need water safety and security during beach based events when there is a risk to the general public.

Water based Competition & Record Breaking Events.
Where you require an agile and very fast response safety boat.

Commercial Construction & Scaffolding around bridges, and other structures.
We are able to offer a complete service designed not only to provide safety to your workforce, but also to prevent other water users getting too close.

Crew Transfer.
We can be used as a crew transfer vessel on / off wind platforms and light houses.

Commercial Diver Support.
As divers ourselves we can provide surface support and dive management for underwater work.

As well as professional and experienced Ships Masters we also provide at no additional cost a crew member.
We are even able to offer Paramedic trained crew should your project require this.
What makes our boat ideal for commercial projects.

Twin engines give reliability.

Thick hull allows it to be beached on sand or shingle in an emergency.

Only 1 metre draft allows for work in shallow water.

RHIB design allow for speed (up to 45 knots) and agility to react quickly.

Tube (sponson) height allows for easy and quick recovery on “Man Overboard”.

Large 360 litre fuel tank for extended work periods.

Ability to track boat using AIS
10 m Commercial R.H.I.B. (Suitable for coastal work)

1 hour charter (miniumum 2 hours)                                       £100.00
Full day charter (8 hours)                                                       £500.00  

River Safety Boat  (Suitable for lake & river work)

Full day charter (8 hours)                                                       £200.00

All prices exclude fuel, VAT & transport costs to site   
Workboat Facts
Prices from £200 per day